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Human Resources policy

HR policy of LLC Lesexport is an integral long-term staff management strategy aimed at preservation, fortifying and development of the company human resources capacity.

Our specialists are main asset and strategic resource of the company, functioning of which fully depends on consolidated and effective work of the companys team.

Our HR policy is focused on adherence to the following principles:

  • Specialists highest esteem, good working conditions, premises for creative evolution and development;
  • Stimulation of specialists high motivation for professional growth and fruitful work;
  • Encouragement of the initiative, backing up of ideas and decisions, profound respect for specialists opinion;
  • Equal job opportunities for professional and career growth;

Our goals are the following:

  • Fair wage according to specialists professional level and individual contribution to the companys activity;
  • Direct communication between members of the company and top management while enriching and developing corporate culture;
  • Social security system development, constant employment benefits diversification and enlargement;
  • Good conditions for specialists professional accomplishment;
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