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Company profile
The wood and woodusing industry production accounts for the quarter of the whole export product of Novgorod region. Timber export makes up around $ 70- 80 Mio yearly. Recently there has been a sharp grow of the share of finished work for export. The wood production is exported mainly to Finland, the USA, Austria, Germany, Estonia and Great Britain.

LLC Lesexport was originally founded for wood trading 8 years ago. It is due to the superb organization of the company and implementation of new technologies and equipment that the enterprise is constantly growing. Today LLC Lesexport is a trade-and-production complex, engaged in wood supplying, wood harvesting and conversion. LLC Lesexport is a parent company to some forest harvesting enterprises. All in all the production involves more than 300 specialists.

LLC Lesexport is a production commercial enterprise, performing in Novgorod and Twer regions. At the moment our company takes the leading position in roundwood export (sawlog, pulpwood, veneer log and special log) in the given region. Companys annual timber uploading volume is 300 000 3.

Timber supplies are performed to the leading pulp-and-paper plants in the North-West of the RF. Among them are pulp-and-paper plants of Vyborg, Segezh and Svetogorsk. Our main foreign partners are Stora Enso Oy, Stora Enso Mets (Estonia), UPM-Kummene (Finland), UPM-Kummene Forest (Estonia), Flexa (Denmark), Latvijas Finieris (Latvia).

During the last 3 years weve been developing a new direction, i.e. yield of log, lumber purchase, conversion and lumber export. Taking this direction for an upcoming trend, we overreach ourselves to develop it. At the moment our company possesses three sawing mills and takes a great part in timber purchasing in Novgorod and Twer regions.

As our region is situated next to St.-Petersburg port and the largest foreign sawing mills, the local lumber complex is mostly focused on roundwood export, rather than lumber production. The present market situation does not contribute to lumber producing, thats why local producers cant provide us with the necessary volume of lumber.

In the outlying regions of the RF on the contrary, the most upcoming trend either historically or geographically is production and offtake of the final product, rather than sales of roundwood. It seems quite reasonable, that the cooperation with Perm and Perm region is very important for us and might be an interestingperspective.
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