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Info for transportation carriers

Dear transportation carriers!

Our company is the largest one in the North-western region of RF carry out railway transportation of wood-production both through the country and internationally.

Today we cooperate with Latvia and Estonia (up to 40 trucks per week).

На сегодняшний день работаем с потребителями пиломатериалов в Латвии и Эстонии (до 40 а/м в неделю). Lumber productive capacity will soon reach 300 m3 (10 trucks per day) of lumber per day as new equipment had been put into operation. The maximum volume of stored materials reaches 4 000 m3.

Constant need arises at the moment to carry out shipments in the following directions:

  • Veliky Novgorod - Valmiera (Koceny) Concern Bicolat (750 EUR) (Lateral loading) (Unloading in Valmiera (Koceny) round the clock).
  • Marevo (Novgorod region) – Valmiera (Koceny) (750EUR) (Concern Bicolat) (Lateral loading)
  • Holm (Novgorod region) – Riga (700EUR) (concern LDV) (Lateral loading)
  • Toropec (Twer region.) – Valmiera (Koceny) (750 EUR) (Overload) Cargo – bunched lumber (European pack) up to 32 cub..(i.e. 21,5 tonn)
Clearing exit customs and loading are within 24h.
    Directions, in which the volumes will be sent in the nearest future:
  • Veliky Novgorod – Pjarnu (Estonia ) (NFG и EWP companies) (480 EUR)
  • Veliky Novgorod – Vil'jandi (Karksi) (Pujdukoda company) (500 EUR)
Customs clearing and loading are guaranteed within 24h., if truck numbers are announced in 2 days before the planned loading data. Customs clearing on the territories boarding on Latvia takes place on the Latvian border. Client’s requested way of payment (by the Buyer in Estonia and Latvia or by the Shipper).
   Best regards,
        Head of the Logistic department of JSC "Lesexport"                        
        Smirnov Igor' Vladimirovich (8162) 68-04-88


We are ready for a long-term partnership on mutually favorable terms. We would also like to offer you a free parking and catering at minimum prices in Veliky Novgorod. There is our own SVKh on the territory of Lesexport , that’s why trucks do not go to the clearance control after the loading, but go to their destination right after they get the papers.

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